Tragbarer Luft kompressor Reifen füller

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Farbe: Schwarz
  • Doppelte Geschwindigkeit, ultra kompakte Inflation
  • Einfache Auswahl des One-Press-Modus
  • Großes LCD für genaues Druck lesen
  • Kostenlose Premium-Reifen ventil kappen
  • Multifunktional mit LED-Licht und Power bank
  • Tragbar mit organisierter Aufbewahrung tasche
  • Umfassendes Garantie-und Support-Paket
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Farbe: Schwarz

Warum wählen Sie Syncwire

Bereit für jederzeit, überall

Begabte Auto-Reifen ventil kappen aus Aluminium legierung

Für das Auto

Für Motorrad

Für Schwimm ring

Für U-förmiges Kissen

Für Ball

Large LCD Screen & Buttons

Easy operation, daylight viewable


Schnur lose oder schnur gebuckte Inflation





Hohe Qualität, langlebig hergestellt


‎Kabel elektrisch

Luftstrom kapazität

40 LPM

Maximaler Druck

‎ 150 Pfund pro Quadratisch Zoll



Häufig gestellte Fragen

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über Produkt abfragen. Sie können uns auch direkt über das Online-Fenster kontaktieren oder unsere Support-E-Mail

Was sind die Abmessungen des LED-Video lichts?

Das LED-Video licht ist kompakt und tragbar und kann problemlos für Laptops, Tablets und Computer verwendet werden.

Wie viele Beleuchtungs modi bietet das LED-Licht?

Es verfügt über 5 vielseitige Beleuchtungs modi mit 5 Helligkeits anpassungen, die von kühlem bis zu warmem Licht reichen, um verschiedenen Einstellungen zu entsprechen.

Was ist die Batterie kapazität und wie wird sie aufgeladen?

Das Licht wird von einem 2000mAh Akku angetrieben, der über einen Typ-C-Anschluss aufgeladen wird, um eine dauerhafte Nutzung zu gewährleisten.

Ist die Helligkeit des LED-Lichts für Video anrufe geeignet?

Absolut bietet es eine weiche, blend freie Beleuchtung, die sich ideal für Video anrufe, Live-Streaming und Fotografie eignet.

Kann der Beleuchtungs winkel angepasst werden?

Ja, das Licht bietet einen verstellbaren Winkel von 135 ° und ermöglicht eine perfekte Licht position ierung aus jeder Richtung.

Welche Materialien werden bei der Konstruktion des Lichts verwendet?

Es besteht aus langlebigen PC-ABS-Materialien, die sowohl Qualität als auch Portabilität gewährleisten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Both stylish and practical

This tire inflator portable air compressor looks very high-end, with an all-black design. It comes with a built-in light that has a flash option. This is a large display screen on the top of the unit that shows the tire pressure in real time during use. I can select the inflation modes needs for different purpose and further adjust the values based on these standards. When in use, it can be directly connected to the car's power supply or its own battery. The included storage bag can hold the main unit and all accessories, making it more portable.

Mr. Adam
Wow! Love this!

This inflator is so compact and fancy looking! It's so wonderful to be both wireless and DC powered. That's always my fear with portable inflators, that they won't have a charge when I need them in an emergency.This one is nice and it's easy to use. The readout looks good on the front as well. It's super high quality and I love that it sits flat on rubber feet with the screen facing you.It's a little expensive but it's definitely a great buy for the combination of power and the compact nature of the item.


Great quality pump! Easy to use and charge. It is very loud but I don't mind. We are taking it camping! Easy to use for multiple stuff!


This is a really nice pump. It even has a blow up a human setting which is something you don't see very often. Its all programmable and its rechargeable. You can also use it with your cigarette lighter if you have one in your car. I have low pro tires and they need adjusting several times a month so this will be a life saver. Its pricey but it should be very convenient and it appears well made. It has a little bag to store all the parts in as well as the main unit.

easy to carry and use

I am thoroughly impressed! This air pump is incredibly efficient, boasting a 150PSI maximum, and it inflates tires 3X faster than any other model I’ve used. The multiple modes make it versatile for different types of inflatables, not just car tires.One of the standout features is the extra-large LCD dual value display, which is easy to read even in low light. The auto-off function is a lifesaver, ensuring that you don't overinflate your tires. The package also includes car tire valve caps, which is a nice bonus.This is a top-quality product that delivers on its promises. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use tire inflator!

William A Marks II
Needed a replacement for the bulky air compressor I had, and we have a winner

This portable air compressor has all the features you need in a very compact size. I wasn't sure at first how this would hold up but after using it and understanding it a bit better, I'm sold.This is perfect for a quick top-off on your tires. You do not however want to run this for more than five minutes solid. The compressor does get very hot and needs a break. It did shut down on me the first time I used it (I was trying it out on a completely flat tire) but after recharging the battery and letting it get completely cool it was ready to go. It did completely fill the flat truck tire, but I think that use is beyond this compressor and would cause it to wear out prematurely if done too often.I like the one-time set and forget of how much air pressure I want in the tires. My old portable compressor had to be set every time it was used to the amount of air needed. It is a small compressor that fits neatly under a seat or in the trunk waiting for you to need it. It charges either by USB-C and it comes with a cord to plug into your lighter socket for direct car battery use. It also comes with a spare set of stem caps and additional attachments for inflating other items.My nephew the mechanic was very impressed with its size and power and has tried to borrow it from me several times now. Hands off...this one's mine. I highly recommend it.

jeffrey jenkins
Efficient and Reliable Tire Inflation

The Syncwire Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor is an essential tool for anyone on the road. It boasts impressive features like a 150PSI capacity, ensuring quick and efficient inflation of car tires. The electric smart pump operates three times faster than traditional models, saving time during emergencies. The extra-large LCD display with dual value readouts makes it easy to monitor tire pressure accurately. I particularly appreciate the auto-off function, which prevents over nflation and adds a layer of safety. The inclusion of free car tire valve caps is a thoughtful bonus. Overall, this tire inflator exceeds expectations with its performance, reliability, and user friendly design.

Great for travel

I love the security that this brings. I carry it with me in the car for just in case moments. It works well and can have a tire inflated in no time. Take some of the worry out of traveling by keeping this with you. It has multiple purposes. Sinpke and easy to use. The large display screen and readout are bright and clear and easy to read and understand. Also has two ways of using is, either through battery or plugged into your car's charging ports. Great device

Way faster than the handheld versions.

I've been carrying a smaller handheld version for a while now and the only complaint I had about it was the inflation time. This pump is larger but is still battery operated so it's still portable but inflates tires way faster. This pump is also quieter than my handheld one which is also nice. The build quality seems fine, it's probably a generic design but I don't see any issues with it.I really like that the pump can be used wired with the included cable, connected you do get slightly better performance than on battery power. There is also a setting which monitors a tire's air pressure and inflates on/off to maintain the pressure. I would have preferred this feature on a non portable tire inflator but it will probably come in handy for some people.The downsides the inflator has are that it won't remember pressure settings so you have to manually adjust every time and that the battery indicator is not in percentage. Overall it's a pretty nice tire inflator.

100% recommend

Used this so many times to test if it would last or not and it does, it can do 3-4 tires on a single charge and it charges pretty fast with usb c. I love how small and compact it it. It looks really pretty and the lcd panel is awesome. I really couldn't recommend this more. It's amazing. Grab one if you need one. I took a video using it, but it keeps crashing my amazon app and I can't upload it, But I definitely do like this air machine.