Tragbarer Luft kompressor Reifen füller

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  • Doppelte Geschwindigkeit, ultra kompakte Inflation
  • Einfache Auswahl des One-Press-Modus
  • Großes LCD für genaues Druck lesen
  • Kostenlose Premium-Reifen ventil kappen
  • Multifunktional mit LED-Licht und Power bank
  • Tragbar mit organisierter Aufbewahrung tasche
  • Umfassendes Garantie-und Support-Paket
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Warum wählen Sie Syncwire

Bereit für jederzeit, überall

2X schneller

2600mAh x 2

150PSI Max

5 Modi

Eingebaute LEDs


2x schnelle Inflation klein, aber mächtig

5200mAh große Batterie kapazität





‎Langlebig, zuverlässig


‎Kabel elektrisch

Luftstrom kapazität

18 lpm

Maximaler Druck

150 Pfund pro Quadratisch Zoll



Häufig gestellte Fragen

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über Produkt abfragen. Sie können uns auch direkt über das Online-Fenster kontaktieren oder unsere Support-E-Mail

Was sind die Abmessungen des LED-Video lichts?

Das LED-Video licht ist kompakt und tragbar und kann problemlos für Laptops, Tablets und Computer verwendet werden.

Wie viele Beleuchtungs modi bietet das LED-Licht?

Es verfügt über 5 vielseitige Beleuchtungs modi mit 5 Helligkeits anpassungen, die von kühlem bis zu warmem Licht reichen, um verschiedenen Einstellungen zu entsprechen.

Was ist die Batterie kapazität und wie wird sie aufgeladen?

Das Licht wird von einem 2000mAh Akku angetrieben, der über einen Typ-C-Anschluss aufgeladen wird, um eine dauerhafte Nutzung zu gewährleisten.

Ist die Helligkeit des LED-Lichts für Video anrufe geeignet?

Absolut bietet es eine weiche, blend freie Beleuchtung, die sich ideal für Video anrufe, Live-Streaming und Fotografie eignet.

Kann der Beleuchtungs winkel angepasst werden?

Ja, das Licht bietet einen verstellbaren Winkel von 135 ° und ermöglicht eine perfekte Licht position ierung aus jeder Richtung.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
I love this little tire inflator air compressor!

The size of this air compressor is perfect....about the size of a cell phone and as thick as three cell phones stacked on top of each other - and weighs about the same. Not too heavy, but heavy enought to do the job well.The LED display is chance of misreading it. It both inflates and deflates, which is excellent when using it to inflate pool floats and toys; air mattresses; balls, ect. The tire inflation is easy and worry just press the buttons for tire inflation. It takes 3-4 hrs to charge this compressor, and it'll inflate the tires of several vehicles and inflatables. I LIKE it.The sound it puts out sorta shocked me when I first turned it sounds like a full size air compressor. I recorded a video of it above. It's not a bad thing; it's just a big surprise in a little package. Lol There's also a flashlight on it, and a mode that can switch it to a red flashing S.O.S. signal. Very nice. This is a great little piece of equipment that will go directly into my truck glove box. Great product!

Steven J. Stortz
This pump is small enough to keep in the glovebox!

I love this little portable air compressor because I don’t need to plug it into anything.I can carry it on my motorcycle or in my bicycle bag. It comes in its own bag that holds all of its accessories.It has the different tips to accommodate all types of tires and a needle for sports balls.I like the pre-set options for inflating different tires, rafts or sports balls.It shuts off automatically when it reaches the preset psi..Its portability makes it available where you need it.It has a 150psi capability. That's surprisingly high and pretty impressive!!This would make a great gift for anyone driving a car, motorcycle or bicycle.It’s easy to tote and easier to use.I’ll be ordering another one to keep in my Wife’s car. I like it that much!I give this air compressor a big 2 thumbs up for its size, power and portability!

Must have for the trunk - Works great - Faster than most

I've had a few of these through the years and they're definitely handy to have in the car or the truckMost of the time, given the nature of these portable, rechargeable devices; pumping air can take quite some timeSome can take a full minute or two just to pump 1 LB of airUsually not a big deal and a price we pay for the portabilityThis pump is larger in size than most and charges normallyI took some air out of my tire to testThe pump ad claims up to the two times faster than othersThis compressor actually did live up to the claim and pumps at least two times faster than othersLike I said, I've had others in the pastWhile they did the job, they did not do it quite this quicklyThe compressor is easy to use and intuitive and also easy to readIt's a little expensive, but it does outperform the rest

great to keep in the car

Small and compact perfect for the car. Great compressor for having to refill a tire after a flat repair or putting on the spare you forgot to keep the air pressure up in. It takes a while to inflate a tire, but better than nothing. Great for around the house as well for inflating bike tires and balls. You just set the desired pressure and turn it on. Comes with a bag of assorted attachments for various uses. The one attachment it's missing is one for the presta valve type. The instructions are not really clear, but not difficult to follow. Being rechargeable is really nice too. And everything fits into a nice little bag that's included for easy and neat storage.

Shanetta DIY Life

Palm sized and packs a punch. Wow! Love this thing

Excellent, easy to use, versatile and super useful.

I've had portable tire compressors before that have been heavy and a bit bulky and run out of battery quickly. And they haven't worked for everything.This gadget is great--the large LED dial is so bright, clear and easy to read. It has a battery indicator (like on a smartphone) and it holds its charge for a long time. It has 5 settings and comes with different nozzle adaptors. It has a very slick and modern look to it.It comes partially charged and using it is simple. The hose screws in and there's a place where you can insert the other end when you're not using it. Operating it involves powering it up, choosing the appropriate setting and pressing power again to start inflating. Because the design is so smooth, you kind of expect it to be whisper quiet. Obviously it isn't--it's a compressor! I'd say it's the equivalent of a stand mixer in the kitchen or a blow dryer.I tested all the tires on our cars and adding air was super easy. It can also do exercise balls and basketballs, etc. and I was looking forward to inflating floats for the pool. The one thing I found a bit confusing is that 4 of the 5 icons for the different settings are clear. The final one is a person and it took me a minute to figure out that meant it was for the custom setting (the instructions don't indicate this).If you do use it for exercise equipment or inflatable toys, I found that it goes from almost full to extremely full very fast! This little thing has a lot of power, so definitely keep checking as you get closer to it being fully inflated.

gina o.
Small and powerful!

I got this in case I needed to air my tires on the go, and it works really well!If it works for me then it'll work for you!

Michael J Griffith
Truth in advertising

The item performed exactly as advertised. Very useful and ergonomic.

Wendy in S.C.
Works great! Good to have on the road, too.

This little device is amazing! I was using it to blow up balls and floats for the pool and it worked great! I haven't had to use it for tires, but it's definitely something I want to have in the car with me, as part of my just in case supplies, like jumper cables. I also like that it can serve as a backup charger for your phone in an emergency, too. All around a great product and easy to use. Absolutely worth 5 stars, in my opinion.


Works to specifications. Very fast delivery